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Arizona Sunshine ArcadeStep in the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, freely move around and explore a …Shooter, Staff Favorites, Zombies18+MultiplayerDetailsshooter staff-favorites zombies
Propagation VRCombining survival horror and static wave shooting, Propagation VR will get your adrenaline pumping as you try to survive a …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter, Staff Favorites, Zombies18+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter staff-favorites zombies
Elven AssassinTake a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter, Sports, Staff Favorites16+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter sports staff-favorites
Job SimulatorIn a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Seated Experience10+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users seated-experience
SUPERHOT VR: Arcade EditionSUPERHOT VR: Arcade Edition is the latest and greatest version of SUPERHOT VR crafted specifically for arcades and LBE operators. …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter, Staff Favorites12+SingleplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter staff-favorites
Clash of Chefs VRClash of Chefs VR is all about who’s the fastest cook. Prepare ordered food and drinks to satisfy your customers. …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Staff Favorites1+MultiplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users staff-favorites
RhythmaticSet in an ethereal, evolving world for up to 6 players. Rhythmatic takes the concept of slicing along to the …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Rhythm, Sports, Staff Favorites0+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users rhythm sports staff-favorites
Blade & SorceryBlade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox like no other, focusing on melee, ranged and magic combat that fully …Fantasy18+SingleplayerDetailsfantasy
Curious CasesIn this 3 chapter multiplayer escape room, you play as a modern day legend, Detective Thomas Moore. He has solved …Escape Room0+MultiplayerDetailsescape-room
Loco DojoEnter the whimsical wooden world of Loco Dojo and step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your …Family/Casual, Shooter3+MultiplayerDetailsfamily-casual shooter
Creed: Rise to Glory™ ArcadeDo you have what it takes to become a champion? Follow the ascent of boxer Adonis Creed as you go …Sports0+MultiplayerDetailssports
Richie’s Plank ExperienceAre you afraid of heights? Take an elevator to our plank that’s sits 80 stories high, then dare to walk …Family/Casual, Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual staff-favorites
After the FallFrom the creators of Arizona Sunshine® comes an action- packed VR FPS that combines intense 4-player co-op gameplay with an …Shooter, Zombies17+MultiplayerDetailsshooter zombies
Battlewake ArcadeAvast, matey! Thar be high-seas mayhem ahead in Battlewake, a VR-exclusive seafaring combat game from the creators of Raw Data …Fantasy, Shooter, Up To 2 Players, Up To 4 Players, Up To 6 Players0+MultiplayerDetailsfantasy shooter up-to-2-players up-to-4-players up-to-6-players
WAR DUST | 32 vs 32 BattlesWith 64 soldiers on the battlefield, War Dust will take you into the largest online battles that have ever been …Up To 2 Players, Up To 4 Players, Up To 6 Players16+MultiplayerDetailsup-to-2-players up-to-4-players up-to-6-players
Hoops VRHoops VR is specially designed so you can live out the ultimate basketball free-throw challenge. Use the motion controls and …Sports6+SingleplayerDetailssports
AFFECTED: The ManorOnly the brave may enter! Experience horror unlike anything you’ve known before as you try to escape The Manor. Terror …Horror12+SingleplayerDetailshorror
Racket: NxRacket: Nx is a new kind of game that challenges the limits of what you can do with a racket …Sports12+MultiplayerDetailssports
SculptrVRCreate smooth, polygonal, and cubey sculptures and worlds of any size. SculptrVR’s 10,000x zoom enables massive creations with tiny details! …Art, Family/Casual8+SingleplayerDetailsart family-casual
Art PlungeArt Plunge is a gallery where you can get the feeling of being inside famous paintings. This is a short …Art, Educational4+SingleplayerDetailsart educational
MeuDo your like to dance and move? Do you want to share how cool VR is with friends? Meu is …Art, Family/Casual8+MultiplayerDetailsart family-casual
Undead DevelopmentScavenge for supplies, find a base, and construct your defenses. Break down furniture and board up your home. Set bear …Zombies10+SingleplayerDetailszombies
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo!VR rhythm game on steroids, 60+ songs and videos included, custom songs support. Beat challenging songs with your bare fists …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Rhythm0+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users rhythm
Coffin Rot Brewing CoExperience an intense and immersive dive into the watery underworld of pirate bartending! Build out your tavern, raise your fortunes, …Family/Casual10+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual
Until You FallFrom the team behind ‘I Expect You To Die’, this arcade-inspired VR hack-and-slash roguelite will force you to find and …Seated Experience, Shooter12+SingleplayerDetailsseated-experience shooter
Angry Birds VR: Isle of PigsJoin Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues to save the stolen eggs in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, an …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users staff-favorites
BlastonEnter the arena! Duel players and bots to rise to the top League with your loadout assembled from collected weapons. …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter10+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter
RevolVR 3Award winning LBE multiplayer party shooter! PROVEN PERFORMANCE -Top-3 title in 78 parks around the world -3 years on the …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter, Staff Favorites0+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter staff-favorites
ARK-ADEHave you ever dreamt about being inside an old Arcade Machine? ARK-ADE is a fast-paced VR First Person Shooter. Plunge …Shooter7+SingleplayerDetailsshooter
Project CARS ProProject Cars Pro, created by the makers of the chart-topping Project CARS franchise, offers unrivalled AAA-game racing action and a …Action0+MultiplayerDetailsaction
Reiko’s FragmentsGo to LB.reikovr.com on your mobile device and enter in the code and your name to join via in on …Horror, Puzzle13+SingleplayerDetailshorror puzzle
RagnarockLead your viking ship to victory in this VR rhythm game! Pound your drums to the sound of epic music, …Rhythm12+MultiplayerDetailsrhythm
TO THE TOPVR Climbing / Platforming Game, that gives you the freedom to move across the environment with superhuman abilities. Conquer over …Sports8+MultiplayerDetailssports
The VR Museum of Fine ArtUPDATED: Explore the Second Floor of the Museum! Explore a virtual museum in room-scale VR: see famous sculptures in full, …Educational, Exploration, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)1+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration first-time-vr-users
Google Earth VRGoogle Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, …Educational, Exploration, Seated Experience0+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration seated-experience
Zero Caliber VRABOUT THIS GAME Zero Caliber VR is a first-person tactical shooter developed by XREAL Games exclusively for premium Virtual Reality …Shooter16+MultiplayerDetailsshooter
Cowbots and AliensA furious PvP Multiplayer brawl in VR set in the Saloon-iverse of Cowbots and Aliens. Free movement, deadly gunplay, multiple …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter8+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter
Hyper DashHyper Dash is a VR multiplayer team based shooter. You can create your own server in the game and password …Shooter, Staff Favorites12+MultiplayerDetailsshooter staff-favorites
Fruit Ninja VRFruit Ninja VR takes squishy, satisfying gameplay and turns it into a virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed by …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users staff-favorites
Pistol WhipInspired by God-mode action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip throws you gun-first into an explosive batch of …Rhythm, Shooter, Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsrhythm shooter staff-favorites
Traffic JamsIn the world of Traffic Jams, all traffic lights have gone out and you are the only one who can …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)7+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users
The TakeThe Take is a local hotseat VR game where two players assume the role of competing spies in a Golden …Escape Room, Puzzle, Up To 2 Players10+MultiplayerDetailsescape-room puzzle up-to-2-players
Skyworld: Kingdom BrawlAll is fair in love and VR! Friends turn foe as you set foot in the VR battle arenas of …Fantasy, Puzzle, Up To 2 Players7+MultiplayerDetailsfantasy puzzle up-to-2-players
Furious SeasFurious Seas Arcade puts you in command as captain of a deadly pirate ship. Navigate through treacherous waters, blast apart …Family/Casual, Shooter0+MultiplayerDetailsfamily-casual shooter
Thrill of the FightFace-off in the virtual ring in this grueling boxing game. Jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of …Sports, Staff Favorites12+SingleplayerDetailssports staff-favorites
Vacation SimulatorWelcome to the Vacation Simulator, a rough approximation of VACATION inspired by real human NOT JOBBING, brought to you by …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)10+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users
Lockdown VR: Kidnapped!Backpacking was all fun and enjoyable, until you and your friends hitchhiked a ride to your next destination. Will this …Escape Room, Up To 2 Players, Up To 4 Players, Up To 6 Players13+MultiplayerDetailsescape-room up-to-2-players up-to-4-players up-to-6-players
Epic Roller CoastersIn Epic Roller Coasters you’ll get the same feeling of a real roller coaster with a high level graphics, physics-based …Seated Experience, Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsseated-experience staff-favorites
I Expect You To DiePlay as a secret agent armed with telekinetic abilities on a mission to stop Zoraxis, a nefarious global weapons and …Escape Room, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Seated Experience, Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailsescape-room first-time-vr-users seated-experience staff-favorites
The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the EmberstoneAfter receiving your Gauntlet, a mysterious new power in the palm of your hand, you must travel to Ember, a …Escape Room, Seated Experience13+SingleplayerDetailsescape-room seated-experience
QuiVrQuiVr is the defining archery experience, made from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Grab your bow, arrows, and some …Family/Casual, Shooter10+MultiplayerDetailsfamily-casual shooter
Arcade LA DeadzoneThe west coast has fallen. An army of undead roam the streets. Your only chance of survival is to retaliate. …Shooter, Zombies13+MultiplayerDetailsshooter zombies
Skyfront VRSkyfront is a ZERO-GRAVITY shooter where you fly around battling against other players. You have cool and explosive weapons to …Shooter0+MultiplayerDetailsshooter
Sweet Escape VRYou’ve been pulled into an evil witch’s sweet candy world where nothing is as it seems. You have to climb …Sports13+MultiplayerDetailssports
Dick Wilde 2The local lakes and ravines have been infected by a toxic outbreak! Pair up with your friends in co-op mode …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter12+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter
Trover Saves the UniverseNote: Trover requires a standard gamepad (Xbox, PS4, etc.) and is best experienced seated. Vive controllers are not supported. Mature …Family/Casual, Seated Experience, Staff Favorites17+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual seated-experience staff-favorites
Zero GravityStart a new realistic experience at 400km from Earth in the International Space Station (ISS). Equip and experiment a mission …Educational, Exploration, Seated Experience0+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration seated-experience
Eleven: Table Tennis VRThe first virtual reality ping pong experience available on Steam! Single and Multiplayer virtual reality ping pong. Play a 1 …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Sports0+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users sports
The Burning DescentThe Burning Descent is an intuitive, fast-paced competitive VR shooter in which players take the role of mercenaries battling in …Shooter, Up To 2 Players, Up To 4 Players9+MultiplayerDetailsshooter up-to-2-players up-to-4-players
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!**The squirrels just discovered a new level, and it’s nuttin’ but spooky fun! Join the gang in the “Sulky Swamp,” …Family/Casual10+MultiplayerDetailsfamily-casual
Synth RidersSynth Riders is a fan-favorite freestyle dancing VR rhythm game where the players lose themselves in the incredible music, ride …Rhythm, Sports, Staff Favorites8+MultiplayerDetailsrhythm sports staff-favorites
The Walking Dead Onslaught ArcadeThere’s no rest when survival is on the line. Step into AMC’s The Walking Dead and prepare for an onslaught …Zombies18+SingleplayerDetailszombies
Pointy Ends®Pointy Ends is an accessible fast-paced PVP battle with up to 4 players. Missing players? Not to worry, noble bots …Shooter, Staff Favorites7+MultiplayerDetailsshooter staff-favorites
Flying Hero VREvil unicorns conquered Meow York City! It’s about time to unleash your true hero skill and get some revenge! Save …Exploration, Family/Casual6+SingleplayerDetailsexploration family-casual
Universe SandboxCreate and destroy on an unimaginable scale while exploring our beautiful cosmos. Universe Sandbox is an awe-inspiring experience in a …Educational, Exploration0+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration
Galactic Rangers VRGalactic Rangers VR is a first-person space action VR game, deeply immersive, just as arcade shooter should be. Grab your …Shooter, Staff Favorites7+MultiplayerDetailsshooter staff-favorites
BAAM SQUADBAAM SQUAD is a VR zombie co-op shooter following a band of four brave agents seeking to shoot, loot and …Zombies0+MultiplayerDetailszombies
Snapshot VRSnapshot is a VR arena shooter built for e-sports with competitive solo and team play. Inspired by the real-life sport, …Shooter13+MultiplayerDetailsshooter
NYC BUNGEEIn this breathtakingly beautiful experience, players will get the opportunity to bungee jump from one of the world’s most iconic …Sports10+SingleplayerDetailssports
PangmanWhen alien spheres from outer space invade our beloved planet, only the Buster siblings stand fast… Pangman takes you inside …First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness), Shooter, Up To 2 Players, Up To 4 Players, Up To 6 Players1+MultiplayerDetailsfirst-time-vr-users shooter up-to-2-players up-to-4-players up-to-6-players
LyraVRLyraVR is a music creation app that offers everyone a fun and unique music-making experience. Compose your music in 3D …Art, Rhythm8+SingleplayerDetailsart rhythm
HoloLAB ChampionsGame-show-style levity collides with real-world safety in the HoloLAB. Your holographic host, Earl, and camera-bot sidekick, Meyer, guide you through …Educational, Fantasy, Puzzle10+SingleplayerDetailseducational fantasy puzzle
Singularity 5FAST FACTS Unique and uncompromising visual and sound experienceExplore Paris in 2050 through 5 unique levels 5 types of enemies …Shooter12+SingleplayerDetailsshooter
Water Bears VRChallenge your spatial reasoning. Mix colors. Make the most of your limited resources. These water bears are sad and dehydrated. …Educational, Family/Casual, Puzzle10+SingleplayerDetailseducational family-casual puzzle
Glider IslandExperience the adrenaline of hang gliding in VR! Collect all hoops placed around each island before time is up. Use …Family/Casual, Sports0+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual sports
GadgeteerGadgeteer is a physics-based VR puzzle game where you build chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. Your machines …Educational, Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)10+SingleplayerDetailseducational family-casual first-time-vr-users
DiscontinueDiscontinue is a unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game. The ultimate disc throwing video game experience. With a retro …Sports13+SingleplayerDetailssports
Titans of Space PLUSJust how big is big? Journey through this holographic Solar System, and then squint your eyes in the intense light …Educational, Exploration, Staff Favorites0+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration staff-favorites
Dive with SylviaTake a relaxing 5-minute vacation to Belize with legendary oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. You’ll tour a …Educational, Exploration, Seated Experience3+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration seated-experience
Garden of the SeaYou have been given a small island cottage in a thriving magical world. Grow your garden, nurture local creatures, or …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)1+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users
Cinderella VRJoin Cinderella in a family-friendly virtual reality adventure through the classic fairy tale! Be transported to a magical land with …Family/Casual, First Time VR Users (less chance of motion sickness)2+SingleplayerDetailsfamily-casual first-time-vr-users
Nature Treks VRLatest Update: Animal Kingdom. Explore tropical beaches, underwater oceans and even take to the stars. Discover over 60 different animals. …Exploration0+SingleplayerDetailsexploration
theBlu: Season 1 (Arcade Edition)Wevr’s “theBlu: Season 1” is a deeply immersive experience designed as a series of beautiful underwater moments in passing, which …Educational, Exploration0+SingleplayerDetailseducational exploration
Warplanes: WW1 FightersBecome a pilot! Immerse in WW1 aerial combat like never before in a captivating VR experience. Be a pilot during …Shooter0+MultiplayerDetailsshooter