Do your like to dance and move? Do you want to share how cool VR is with friends?
Meu is the next generation of photo booths! It has been called the most trippy VR experience!
Meu lets you explore, record and share your moves in a whole new way. You dance with beautiful filters and adaptive music you control by dancing. 2 player can play together and send each other dances! Your creation is turned into a beautiful gifs you can share with any friend by typing their email. Show your friends how much you care by sending them actual hugs, dance or funny meme you made especially for them.

Perfect for birthday parties or company events because players get to keep the gifs they make and you can even customize a message to add to the gif.
If you want to add your arcade logo to the gifs and add material about the arcade to the gifs being sent please contact us at meu@radixmotion.com.
You can read more on our web site: http://radixmotion.com/arcades/
we are here to help spread how VR can connect us to each other and to our bodies so please join our discord https://discordapp.com/invite/nE4y3J6 and let us know what you would like us to build next in the experience