Project CARS Pro

Project Cars Pro, created by the makers of the chart-topping Project CARS franchise, offers unrivalled AAA-game racing action and a peerless VR experience.

Project CARS Pro is all the AAA-action from one of the world’s most beloved racing franchise specifically created for arcades and sim-centres to deliver class-leading VR-racing fun for absolutely everyone.
With dozens of global, licensed tracks along with manufacturer-approved cars, you can race the world’s greatest cars around the most iconic tracks on earth no matter what your skill level or demographic.

– From LMP cars to sportscars, open-wheel classics to road cars, from hypercars to supercars, from Zhuhai to Monza, Brands Hatch to Indy, this is perfect racing solution for every operator and every customer
– Tune it all for your clients’ exact needs with simple-to-use UX and UI and enjoy hassle-free driving experiences that will see them come back for more time and time again.
– The game will work with practically any wheel and simulator setup.
– Built around the world’s number one selling racing franchise with a bespoke frontend to allow for simple configuration, Project CARS Pro is the number one racing title for any arcade or sim-centre, no matter what the driver’s experience, age, or skill level.