The Burning Descent

The Burning Descent is an intuitive, fast-paced competitive VR shooter in which players take the role of mercenaries battling in a deathmatch arena.

Players fight across a colossal and vertiginous arena, teleporting from platform to platform and bullseyeing opponents with different cool weapons.
Each intense round gives players five minutes to frag enemies and ramp up their scores.
At the end of the fight the mercenary with the highest score is declared the best fighter in the arena.

Join the community on Discord | discord.io/RyseUpVRGaming – report bugs, look for groups, ask the devs, stay tuned!

• High Octane Battle
Pick up your favourite weapons to hunt down your opponents and dominate the battle. The best mercenary fighter will be the one with the most accurate aim and sharpest decision-making.

• 4 Players FFA Deathmatch
Players battle each other in a free-for-all deathmatch.

• 1 Player Time Attack
Measure your skills against the series of time-attack challenges requiring marksmanship and reflexes. Try and try harder to get a chance to finally beat the developer record!

• Unique Teleport System
In the Burning Descent, you teleport from platforms to platforms at a glance. Not only is it a unique way of moving in VR games, it makes it feel easy and natural to dash around the battlefield at lightning speed.

• Body Movement
Stand out from other competitors by crouching, ducking and leaning out to become a harder target to reach and step up your combat intensity!

• No motion sickness
The game was designed and polished with a scientific VR approach, reducing motion sickness to an absolute minimum, ensuring an optimal experience even for sensitive players.