Gift cards
(physical gift cards also available in-store)

Values Explained:

Any Custom Amount Or
1-hour cost per station: $25+Tax = $27.33
2-hour cost per station: $50+Tax = $54.65
3-hour cost per station: $75+Tax = $81.98
4-hour cost per station: $100+tax = $109.3

A station is a room or a racing cockpit.
Note: To play multiplayer simultaneously in VR, you must rent multiple stations so you will have access to more than one headset. If you want to switch between players using only one headset for the hour, you only need to rent one station.

Gift cards can also be used to buy in-store snacks and drinks!

Redeeming the gift cards:
Can be redeemed in-store for walk-ins or by texting our business phone number at  (785) 979-6857