Zombies In Lawrence, KS – HELP!! (Fiction/Humor)

The Zombies have taken over Lawrence, Kansas, and we desperately need your help! They are spreading like wildfire and seem to be multiplying by the day. If we don’t do something soon, they will take over our city completely! We have a wide variety of zombie games to choose from – single or multiplayer – so you can fight off the Zombies in the comfort of our VR Arcade. Come join us and help rid Lawrence, Kansas of these brain-eating monsters once and for all! Zombies are no match for you – especially when you’re in virtual reality. So what are you waiting for? Lawrence, Kansas needs YOU!


30th February 2069, the day that changed everything. A KU graduate brought an ancient dormant virus back from a research trip to Antarctica and unknowingly unleashed it upon the unsuspecting people of Lawrence, Kansas. The first zombie was sighted on Oread Ave, where it promptly bit a few students before running off down Mass Street to spread the infection further. From there, the virus quickly spread throughout the city, with more and more people falling victim to the zombie plague.

In the months that followed, the city descended into chaos as the Zombies took over. The few survivors were left fighting for their lives, desperately trying to stay alive in a world that had become a living nightmare.

Now, Lawrence is a ghost town – overrun by Zombies and completely abandoned by most of the living. But all is not lost! You, as the player, must enter virtual reality and fight your way through hordes of Zombies to save Lawrence Kansas from complete annihilation.

That’s where our VR Arcade comes in. We offer a wide variety of zombie games for you to play, either by yourself or with friends, teaching you the skills required to help us solve this problem once and for all.

So what are you waiting for? Lawrence, Kansas needs YOU! Zombies are no match for you – especially when you’re in virtual reality. So come on down to our VR Arcade and help us save Lawrence, Kansas from these brain-eating monsters! We can’t do it without you!

Tips on how to kill zombies and survive

  • Look around and make sure you kill the zombies closest to you first
  • Make sure to reload on time
  • Always aim for the head!
  • Use cover to your advantage, if you can find someplace safe to hide for a few moments, take the opportunity to do so

Do you have what it takes to save our city from the Zombies? Come find out at our VR Arcade! We’ll be waiting for you…hopefully with a few survivors by our side. Lawrence, Kansas won’t go down without a fight! Zombies beware…we’re coming for you!

Thank you for your help! together we can make Lawrence, Kansas zombie-free once again!