Play Table Tennis and Other Sports in VR at Our Arcade in Lawrence, Kansas!

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening? Come to our Virtual Reality Arcade in Lawrence, Kansas! We now have table tennis in VR, as well as other sports games like archery, basketball and boxing. You can also experience vertigo-inducing climbs and glides in the air. Our arcade is the perfect place to have some fun and get a great immersive VR experience!

Table tennis is a great way to get some exercise while spending time with friends or family. Our VR table tennis game puts you right in the middle of the action! Come visit us today and try out our new VR table tennis game! Table Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, Climbing, Air Glider. These are just a few of the sports you can now play in VR at our Lawrence, Kansas based arcade. If you’re looking for a fun and immersive experience, look no further than our VR Arcade!

With VR you can experience the variations of the game that’s not possible in real life. Come check out our arcade today and see what other impossible things you can do in VR!

Virtual Reality may very well be the future of indoor sports because you can play any sport in the world from the comfort of indoors without need different kinds of equipment. Not only that, the kind of games that can be invented will no longer be limited by the laws of physics and the play areas not limited by space.