Singularity 5


Unique and uncompromising visual and sound experienceExplore Paris in 2050 through 5 unique levels
5 types of enemies with various attacks and strategies and two boss battles
Physical and stylish gameplay with no artificial paddingOptimized for 90 fps on a GTX 1060
Fast loading
No micro-transactions, no abusive DLC
Direct contact with the development team: https://discord.gg/8aWuWck
Compatible Vive, WMR, Oculus
Your mission is to advance through the 5 levels of the game by destroying all the Artificials and ultimately disconnect the Goddess, the temple of Moore. To complete your quest, you will be equipped with a high-tech and lavish arsenal which evolves with the increasing difficulty of the game. You can discover these weapons in detail in the section Factory.
Each stage has been carefully crafted up to the last detail, a subtle blend of modernity and classicism, like a mid-21st century Paris. The experience also includes multiple animation styles and special effects that reinforce the sense of immersion and presence while participating in a storytelling. We also put a lot of effort into the overall fluidity of the game, optimizing each 3D object to guarantee a minimum of 90 FPS.